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Goalsetter: The family finance app for an enhanced banking experience


By Goalsetter
March 15, 2024

The need for financial literacy is more important than ever, and here’s why.

A Mastercard Survey conducted with Goalsetter in 2023 revealed that:

  • 87% of teenagers lack basic money management skills
  • 80% of parents believe their children are unprepared to handle financial matters
  • 71% of parents want their family finance app to be offered by their existing financial institution and integrated into their bank accounts

Goalsetter partners with credit unions to provide their members with marketing-leading and interactive financial education tools and resources.

Learn how Goalsetter is helping credit unions engage their current members and the next generation of members.

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About Goalsetter

Founded by Tanya Van Court in 2016, Goalsetter is an education-first family finance and technology platform offering credit unions a 360° solution for reaching their next generation of members. A former Nickelodeon and Discovery Education executive, Tanya had a long career trajectory in creating digital products, but it wasn't until her 8-year-old daughter asked for an investment account and a bike for her ninth birthday that she realized her true calling. In that moment, she knew if she could get every kid in America to become a saver and investor instead of a consumer, she could change the world. And so, Goalsetter was born.