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Leveraging Data for a Seamless Core Conversion: A Financial Institution's Transformation

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By Arkatechture
June 28, 2024

When a prominent financial institution in Manchester, New Hampshire faced the daunting task of a core conversion, they turned to Arkatechture for expertise. With outdated systems causing significant operational inefficiencies and data defects, the institution needed a comprehensive solution. Arkatechture implemented their Data Quality Rules Engine (DQRE), creating over 100 data quality rules that addressed and corrected thousands of data defects. This initial cleanup ensured that the data was accurate, complete, and reliable, setting a solid foundation for the subsequent system upgrade.

The core conversion process also included the deployment of a lean data lake, which centralized disparate data sources and eliminated the need for over 1,300 custom queries. This transformation enabled the institution to access real-time insights through intuitive self-service reporting and dashboards. The result was a 50% reduction in manual hours, deeper customer insights, and a significant leap forward in business intelligence capabilities. With Arkatechture’s assistance, the institution not only modernized its core system but also unlocked new efficiencies and strategic advantages through better data management.

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About Arkatechture

Arkatechture is a technology company and CUSO dedicated to empowering credit unions with a better understanding of their members and organization through data. We are a team of data lovers and technical experts who use our skills to help organizations of all sizes harness, utilize, and optimize their data.