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Enhancing and Streamlining Members’ Digital Experience

By Prisma Campaigns

Discover how Credit Union of Colorado was able to improve members' overall digital experience, especially for younger members, with marketing automation.

The use of very specific target parameters was key to the success of these campaigns.


  • How data-driven targeting helped introduce a new HELOC product to the right audience
  • How this targeted campaign increased loyalty as members saved money with the new product
  • How the Member Experience team was able to get valuable member feedback regarding the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system
  • How the IVR feedback initiative had a higher response rate due to the way it was designed
  • Bonus: Credit Union of Colorado shares their tips for implementing a marketing automation project

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About Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is a marketing automation platform specifically designed to help credit unions develop deep and empathic relationships with their members through personalized marketing campaigns. It uses a connected, data-centric approach to communicate with members on all your digital channels - email, SMS, online banking and mobile app. Prisma Campaigns’ open platform integrates with your existing banking technology and is ready to grow and expand with your credit union.

Prisma is trusted by 25 credit unions to enhance their member experience and increase conversion rates.