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Is It a Scam?

By Carefull
May 23, 2024

This guide provides ten questions to ask to determine whether a suspicious call, email or text message is a scam. It can be used to educate credit union staff on the common red flags of scams. It also can be provided to credit union members to help them avoid scams. Research by FINRA shows that consumers are less likely to engage with scams when they are aware of them and the tactics that scammers use.

Download the "Is It a Scam?" guide to help your credit union with the fight against fraud.

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About Carefull

Carefull is a PRT (protect/retain/transfer) service for credit unions purpose-built to protect older members, retain deposits, and bridge to the next generation ahead of wealth transfer. It is the first and only digital platform designed to help credit unions protect the daily finances of seniors while assisting the adult children who often support them.