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Omnichannel Marketing Automation and Campaign Management

Prisma Campaigns is a marketing automation and campaigns management platform that helps credit unions conduct personalized marketing campaigns that deepen relationships with members while increasing loyalty and share of wallet.

Marketing automation is a critical part of any credit union’s digital transformation.

  • Transitioning from the advantages of an in-person relationship to the digital world requires personalized messages based on data, and without marketing automation, this cannot be done.
  • Marketing automation has increased 186% in 2021 and 70% of credit unions are increasing their investments in marketing technology, or martech (source: Webstrategies).
  • Across industries, martech already accounts for 27% of marketing budgets according to Gartner Group.

Most martech solutions don’t solve the in-person to digital transition problem, despite some powerful features. Credit unions need to have easy access to their data in order to segment messages and create personalized campaigns. Without it, messaging will remain generic and the automation ROI is never achieved. This makes Prisma Campaigns unique.

Why we like this solution:

  • Marketers are empowered to create personalized messages when data is available with automated feeds.
  • Members have a consistent experience wherever they are with unified campaigns across email, SMS, online banking, and mobile app.
  • Your marketing team's productivity increases by automating manual tasks and managing different channels in one dashboard.
  • Credit unions leverage existing investments with an easy to integrate, open platform.
  • Designed with credit unions in mind, Prisma Campaign offers templates for most common campaigns.
  • Three versions to meet you where you are and grow with you. 

Learn more about Prisma Campaigns

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about Prisma Campaigns. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union, and you’ll get access to our exclusive negotiated pricing.