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Prisma Campaigns

Who is Prisma Campaigns? 

Prisma Campaigns is a marketing automation platform specifically designed to help credit unions develop deep and empathic relationships with their members through personalized marketing campaigns. It uses a connected, data-centric approach to communicate with members on all your digital channels - email, SMS, online banking and mobile app. Prisma Campaigns’ open platform integrates with your existing banking technology and is ready to grow and expand with your credit union.

Prisma is trusted by 25 credit unions to enhance their member experience and increase conversion rates.

How a strategic alliance with Prisma Campaigns benefits credit unions

If your credit union struggles to efficiently and effectively market to members where they bank, Prisma can help. By integrating your marketing channels, automating conversion workflows, and leveraging your own data, Prisma Campaigns empowers you to create more powerful and personalized offerings to your members.

Prisma's benefits:

  • Increase cross-selling while improving member experience - replace generic messages with highly personalized offerings based on member's data.
  • Increase efficiency and lower costs - eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and manage all channels from one single, automated platform.
  • Integrate with your existing stack in 3-4 weeks - Prisma's open platform can pull your first-party data directly from your core and digital banking technology.
  • Out-of-the-box, automated campaigns - simplifies typical scenarios like onboarding, pre-approved and referrals.

Why choose Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is built and designed specifically for financial institutions, and it's more than an automation platform with powerful features. Prisma Campaigns is a trusted partner who helps credit union members meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with flexibility, commitment and creativity. Their team of experts provide customized training programs, implementation plans tailored to your needs, user forums, and a multitude of other resources to ensure you get the most out of this comprehensive platform.

Connect with Prisma Campaigns

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about Prisma Campaigns. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union. 

Prisma Campaigns has exclusive pricing and solutions reserved for CUNA Strategic Services and the credit unions and leagues we work with.


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