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CNote is a technology platform that provides a sustainable flow of non-member deposits that are low-cost and deliver consistent value. This service is available at no cost to CUNA member credit unions as arranged by CUNA Strategic Services.

Who is CNote?

CNote’s community investment technology connects credit unions to non-member deposit opportunities. A women-led social enterprise on a mission to close the wealth gap in the United States, CNote has made it easier for individuals and large institutions like Mastercard, PayPal and Sierra Club to move deposits into mission-aligned credit unions. 

How a strategic alliance with CNote benefits credit unions

Think of CNote technology as the “pipes” that unlock competitive and impactful community investments across America. The CNote Promise Account is a cash management solution designed as a single management point for institutions and corporations to make for deposits with positive social impact. These deposits come to your credit union via CNote for you to utilize as you support members in your community.

Why choose CNote

Along with new deposit opportunities, CNote fosters partnerships between corporate investors and credit unions that can open doors to investments, grants, new members, partnerships and media opportunities.

In furtherance of their mission to build a more inclusive economy, CNote prioritizes credit union partners and the needs of the communities they serve. They believe the path to increased financial inclusion is through the robust support of community-centered financial institutions like yours.

Key benefits of working with CNote include:

  • Scalable - Like a faucet, you can dial up or down the flow of capital to your institution
  • Mission-aligned - CNote investors are deeply aligned with your mission and want to maximize for positive social impact
  • Flexible - CNote investors provide patient, long-term capital commitments to help your organization grow
  • Free - Credit unions are not charged any fees to participate

Connect with CNote

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about CNote.

CNote has exclusive opportunities reserved for CUNA Strategic Services and the credit unions and leagues we work with.