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I-Care is a collaborative employee benefits solution delivered by op, a CUSO. I-Care provides enhanced medical insurance benefits at lower costs. When credit unions join the I-Care community, their employees become part of a larger pool of credit union healthcare users. Pooling with other credit union employees helps reduce claims risk and volatility of premiums, lowering costs for employees and credit unions. Lower costs and multiple plan options give credit union employees the benefits they deserve. 

I-Care is becoming the credit union community’s go-to choice for employee benefit and wellness solutions. In addition to cost savings and plan enhancement opportunities, I-Care credit unions have access to resources that help HR managers:

  • Evaluate and benchmark performance of employee benefits programs
  • Network and share intelligence with a nationwide community of credit union HR specialists
  • Enhance benefits and wellness programs to better fit your credit union’s culture
  • Reduce healthcare costs and improve benefits, making it easier to attract and retain talented employees
  • Make proactive and seamless health and wellness program adjustments
  • Create flexible and competitive plan designs through the availability of multiple networks
  • Predict behavior and make long-term strategic decisions
  • Reduce claims and monitor performance through sophisticated data analysis of big data and peer statistics

Why we like this solution: 

  • Is for the greater good of the credit union movement
  • Allows credit unions to work together to share risk and lower costs
  • Give credit union employees the healthcare benefits they deserve
  • Is a case study in the industry working together

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