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Carefull is a PRT (protect/retain/transfer) service for credit unions purpose-built to protect older members, retain deposits, and bridge to the next generation ahead of wealth transfer. It is the first and only digital platform designed to help credit unions protect the daily finances of seniors while assisting the adult children who often support them.

Older members face $27 billion annually in fraud and money mistakes, and 45 million Americans are now involved in coordinating an aging loved one’s finances. This has put a growing burden on both older members and their next-generation family members, along with critical pressure on financial institutions with aging memberships.

Carefull's technology integrates senior-specific AI financial oversight focused on the unique behaviors and threats targeting older adults. This is supplemented with identity theft protection, password and document management, and weekly original content.

Carefull exists to put financial care into financial services, delivering safety and simplicity throughout this challenging financial life stage.

How a strategic alliance with Carefull benefits credit unions

Credit union memberships are aging, and with age comes a unique set of needs – for both members and the credit unions. Members now require new protections and support against elder fraud and exploitation (EFE). Credit unions, in need of younger members, need relationships and new deposits from members' next-generation children.

Carefull's technology achieves both objectives.

Protecting your existing member base is the best path towards retaining existing deposits, building "whole-family" relationships, and becoming the financial institution where family wealth is ultimately consolidated.

By protecting this vulnerable and valuable member segment, Carefull is proven to:

  • Protect and delight member families by identifying and resolving small threats before they become big issues
  • Drive up to 10% reduction in deposit churn
  • Deliver three net new warm member leads per member protected
  • Save over 300 hours per year in member support for every 1,000 members protected

Why choose Carefull?

Carefull is the industry's only technology platform industry's only technology platform built to engage older adults and those who support them. Since 2019 Carefull has built a proprietary engine that goes beyond a financial institution’s standard fraud rules, which typically look reactively only at a subset of transactions and can place added burden on BSA officers.

Carefull uses multiple data sources and signals to address the specific challenges facing older members. This means surfacing issues and concerns from across their entire financial profile, including accounts and assets held outside the credit union. It also means taking a proactive approach to prevention, with content and member tools that engage families directly, allowing Carefull to stop issues from ever walking into a branch.

This graceful and holistic approach empowers members while detecting behaviors unique to seniors. Examples include:

  • Signs of elder abuse
  • Check washing
  • Cognitive decline
  • Unintended or recurring charitable donations
  • Phishing scams
  • Theft by a caregiver
  • Romance scams

Additional features like trusted contacts sharing and safe password storage are designed to engage loved ones.

Only Carefull has everything in one place; a simple service for families with older adults.

Connect with Carefull

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about Carefull. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union. 


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