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Preparing for Shifts in The Interest Rate Environment

Harland Clarke

The Federal Reserve decided to cut interest rates for a third time this year.

This deviation from projections illustrates the Fed's willingness to react quickly to changes in the economic environment. It also presents challenges and uncertainty for credit unions managing their balance sheets and working to anticipate member needs.

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Fifty-eight percent of consumers report they would never use a company again after just one negative experience


Change. It’s often necessary, but rarely easy. This is especially true for digital conversions. But for credit unions that approach their digital conversion with the necessary forethought, the reward is huge — a happy member is worth 10 times the amount of their initial purchase.

Check out, “Best Practices for Supporting Account Holders During a Digital Banking Conversion” for pre- and post-conversion to help you meet the increased needs of members — and exceed their expectations.

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