CUNA Strategic Solutions

Discover the value of an effective microlending program


Using the services provided by the newest CUNA Strategic Services provider, Newtek Business Services Corp., your credit union can build a microlending program that provides a new source of non-interest income. Installed in 226 branches in 21 US states, Newtek provides EMV-compliant terminals to your credit union at no charge, protecting you from counterfeit fraud liability and bringing more potential members to your credit union

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The Bottom-Line Impact of Credit Union Loan Participation


The emergence of loan participation platforms will spur involvement among a greater number of institutions.

By deploying 10% of excess capital in loan participations, credit unions could boost return on assets (ROA) by nearly 50% and return on equity (ROE) by 40%. Read insights from credit unions currently active in participations along with ROA models, participation pitfalls, and the future outlook on loan participation pools.

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