CUNA Strategic Solutions

New alliance bringing video-banking to credit unions


CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) has named POPi/o as their newest strategic alliance provider. This alliance will provide credit unions a cutting-edge video-banking platform they can leverage to enhance member engagement and service.
POPi/O’s video-banking technology allows credit unions to shift the consumer experience from a purely digital transaction into a human interaction, fostering stronger member relationships.
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Analysts predict unsecured personal loans will reach an all-time high of $156.3 billion by the end of 2019


The financial crisis of a decade ago dramatically transformed the loan marketing landscape. Consumer trust dropped, opening the door to the rise of the machines — new and non-traditional lenders -- like fintechs and other disruptors, which have turned what were once best practices into a waste of time and budget.

So how do you adapt to this new reality? Our e-book, “A New Paradigm in Loan Marketing,” examines why adopting an “always on” approach is crucial to growing your loan portfolio.

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