CUNA Strategic Solutions

50% Off 10 TCRs for CUNA CSS Members

Use the power of innovative LG CNS LTA-350 technology to increase efficiency, security, and cost control in your branch— all while building better relationships with your customers.  The most advanced cash recycling solution on the market, the user-friendly LTA-350 can elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

The LTA -350 TCR is:

  • User- friendly
  • Secure
  • Affordable

FTSI is offering a 50% CUNA Strategic Services discount when you purchase 10 TCRs. 
That’s 10 TCRs for the price of 5! 

But act now!  Offer only valid until Dec. 24, 2016 or while these units last.


Luke, I am your father...? Cash Tracker   Triumphs Again!

A credit union robber in Novato, CA, tried something a little different with his disguise. In addition to a gray hoodie and black pants, he wore a Darth Vader mask and brandished a weapon (a gun, not a light saber). Luckily, an alert teller included a Cash Tracker with the stolen money. Police were able to track and quickly apprehend the suspect, and recover all of the stolen money, $1500.

Two less imaginative suspects in Des Moines, IA, didn’t wear disguises but were equally unlucky as they were also caught soon after robbing a local credit union. Police arrested both suspects and recovered all of the cash stolen, worth $1700.

Score 2 for the good guys.