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A Free Tool Helps CUs 
Address Cybersecurity Risk

Cyber threats continue to evolve 

TraceSecurityWhile many credit unions have implemented cybersecurity safeguards, sophisticated attackers continue to find new ways to penetrate financial institution systems.

To help credit unions follow recent FFIEC guidance, TraceSecurity’s free Cybersecurity Assessment Tool provides a step-by-step process for evaluating your cybersecurity preparedness. Automatically generated reports provide an overview of your results and illustrate your levels of risk and cybersecurity maturity, as prescribed by the FFIEC.

Planning can lessen the sting of an unexpected vacancy

It isn’t as easy as 1,2,3 but these steps
will help you get the talent you need

Far too many organizations don't have a plan that ensures they will have access to qualified, well-suited executive talent in the event of a planned retirement or unexpected vacancy in the C-Suite.  

Before a sudden vacancy puts unnecessary pressure on your credit union, Charles Shanley of JMFA Recruitment Services recommends you take three steps to be ready to recruit quality candidates.

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