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The Mindset of Agility: 1 of 6 Podcasts Available Now

Harland Clarke

Because forward-thinking leaders appreciate learning from one another: Anne Legg, Director of Market/Client Strategies, talks with credit union leaders on data topics transforming the industry.

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The Economy is Booming - What's Next?


In most markets, home values are at all-time highs. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, there have been consistent declines in the volume of home sales. This is an early warning sign that there may be a disconnect in perceived value between home buyers and sellers.

Are you well positioned for potential declines in home values? Can you prove it?

2020 Analytics provides an on-demand cloud-based loan analytics platform that enables credit unions to:

  • Understand collateral positions
  • Evaluate current and historical economic conditions
  • Quantify how these changes might impact your concentration risk, profitability and reserves under CECL methodology