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3 Ways to Trigger Loan Marketing Success

Harland Clarke

After years of sustained practicality, consumers are borrowing again at a record pace. Many are beginning home improvements, buying new homes and autos, or financing their children's educations. Consumers are generally positive about their financial situations and have become more trusting of nontraditional channels, i.e., digital, to purchase products and loans. These disruptors contribute to increased lending competition, propelling financial institutions to be more resourceful in identifying, targeting, and acquiring creditworthy consumers.

Learn why a holistic approach to loan marketing may be your best approach to effectively competing for your share of consumer loans.

Reduce Abandonment and Drive New Member Aquisition


When trying to open a new account, many consumers believe that it is inconvenient to go to a branch to fill out paperwork.

With video banking, you can offer greater convenience and better support, ultimately reducing abandonment, expediting the account opening process, and improving member acquisition.

Learn more about the Video Customer Engagement for Account Opening and access additional use cases here.