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Find consumers who are 3 time more likely to become members

Kasasa is a financial technology and marketing technology company committed to driving results for community financial institutions. They've worked with more than 800 local banks and credit unions to attract, engage, and retain consumers using great products, marketing technology, and consulting. Since 2003 Kasasa has helped credit unions get more low-cost core deposits, break into new markets or new market segments, and gain younger, more profitable account holders.

Want to find consumers who are up to 3X more likely to become members in your markets? Click here to request your free, data-driven Market Insights Report.

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What is FRAMLx? 

FRAMLx is a cloud-based, consolidated approach to fraud detection and anti-money laundering. It analyzes the complete picture of a customer and their activity, alerting you quickly to potentially suspicious behavior.

Criminals perform their illicit activity across multiple transaction channels and even numerous financial institutions. Cloud-based, multi-channel, and behavior-based analysis shows you the truly out-of-the-ordinary within a single alert, saving you time and providing you with the information you need to make the right decision on how to proceed.

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