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How WeStreet CU Is Leveraging AI to Achieve Over 50% Call Automation and Elevate Member Experiences


January 8, 2024

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and

Featured Speaker: Christy Kibben, Director of Contact Center, WeStreet Credit Union

Listen to Christy Kibben, Director of Contact Center at WeStreet Credit Union, as she shares her experiences and insights on the successful implementation of artificial intelligence in their operations.

Real Impact: Dive into the transformative effects of AI-driven strategies on the efficiency and effectiveness of contact centers. Understand how these changes are reshaping member relationships and service delivery.

Operational Agility and Enhanced Member Experiences: Discover how artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword but a real tool in enhancing member experiences and boosting operational agility at credit unions like WeStreet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Delve deep into the disruptive potential of AI in the banking space and its significance in enhancing member relations
  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how WeStreet Credit Union championed AI integration, setting new benchmarks in member experience
  • Witness firsthand the measurable advantages and results driven by WeStreet's commitment to an AI-centric approach

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About is a market-leading provider of Intelligent Self-Service for credit unions. interface’s Artificial Intelligence acts as a “personal bank teller” to help members 24/7 through every step of their journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness. currently powers several credit unions across North America, has enabled millions of dollars in savings for its CU customers, and is one of the fastest-growing credit union providers, growing at over 1500% just in the last year.