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Ent CU’s AI Journey and Impact

December 2022

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and

In the highly competitive financial services industry, providing members with superior experience gives credit unions a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Numerous credit unions are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver consistent and seamless member experiences, mitigate risks and generate revenue.

This webinar features Jeff Wilkins, VP of Strategic Initiatives of Ent Credit Union. Ent CU is renowned for the unparalleled member experience it offers and has been ranked #1 in the state of Colorado for 3 consecutive years by Forbes in its “Best-In-State Credit Unions" survey. In this webinar, Jeff Wilkins discusses Ent CU's foray into AI, how the CU is leveraging AI to offer the industry-best member experience, and the impact it has seen with the technology.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • How AI plays a crucial role in enhancing member experiences for credit unions
  • First-hand insights on exactly how Ent CU has evaluated and chosen the right AI partner
  • How AI is helping Ent in providing the best-in-class member experiences & the impact generated

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