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Toolkit: The Third-Party Risk Management Lifecycle

By Venminder
April 2022

The third-party risk management lifecycle has been reinvented. It illustrates a practical, risk-based framework to identify and mitigate issues that come from third-party relationships. Use this toolkit to optimize your vendor risk program practices to ensure protection of your credit union and member data. 

The toolkit includes:

  • eBook: A comprehensive guide walking through the third-party risk management lifecycle stages in depth
  • Infographic: A more concise look at the third-party risk management lifecycle stages
  • PowerPoint Template: A customizable template to help train your team on important activities in third-party risk
  • Printable 1-Page PDF: A handy overview of the third-party risk management lifecycle to pin to your desktop or wall

About Venminder

Venminder is an innovative, customer-motivated company that is mission-driven to help solve the many challenges organizations face when managing risks from outsourcing to third parties.

Venminder provides a dedicated platform to empower effective end-to-end lifecycle management and mitigation of third-party risks. Venminder creates long-term collaborative partnerships with their customers, providing implementation assistance, product and best practices training, ongoing support, access to expertise and more.