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Inherent to Residual Vendor Risk

March 30, 2023
By Venminder

A common area of confusion is what inherent vendor risk is and how it's different than residual vendor risk. They relate to each other, but are two very different types of risk.

Both play a part in managing every single vendor relationship, so it's an important concept to understand. This infographic explains what each is and the flow of getting from one to the other.

Download the infographic to learn:

  • What inherent vendor risk is
  • What residual vendor risk is
  • The flow of inherent to residual risk
  • Ways to monitor both types of risk


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About Venminder

Venminder is an innovative, customer-motivated company that is mission-driven to help solve the many challenges organizations face when managing risks from outsourcing to third parties.

Venminder provides a dedicated platform to empower effective end-to-end lifecycle management and mitigation of third-party risks. Venminder creates long-term collaborative partnerships with their customers, providing implementation assistance, product and best practices training, ongoing support, access to expertise and more.