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A Step-by-Step Third-Party Risk Management Guide

April 4, 2023
By Venminder

Are you starting a third-party risk management program from scratch at your credit union? If so, this guide will be especially helpful for you. It covers all the steps to take to create your TPRM program. When you're done, you'll have a program that exemplifies industry best practices and one that meets regulatory expectations.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • Comprehensive steps to take to create a third-party risk management program
  • Tips along the way for your TPRM program
  • Aspects to think about when building your program


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About Venminder

Venminder is an innovative, customer-motivated company that is mission-driven to help solve the many challenges organizations face when managing risks from outsourcing to third parties.

Venminder provides a dedicated platform to empower effective end-to-end lifecycle management and mitigation of third-party risks. Venminder creates long-term collaborative partnerships with their customers, providing implementation assistance, product and best practices training, ongoing support, access to expertise and more.