Todd Rovak

Todd Rovak is one of the co-founders of Carefull, the first and only AI-enabled digital platform built to protect older adults from fraud, scams, and money mistakes while supporting next-generation financial caregivers. Through partnerships with financial institutions Carefull brings new simplicity, intelligence and tools to the most underserved financial lifestage.

Before Carefull, Todd was CEO at product innovation firm Fahrenheit 212, where he led the creation of new products for Fortune 500 companies with a focus on financial services. Fahrenheit 212 was acquired by Capgemini in 2016, shortly after which Todd was asked to lead Capgemini’s North American business.

These experiences revealed the huge opportunity and current lack of technology to support the needs of older adults and their financial caregivers. Recognized for his entrepreneurial drive and customer-centric approach, Todd has become a leader in the AgeTech and elder fraud space, making appearances in The New York Times and CNBC.

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Speaking Topics

Your most valuable members, older adults, who comprise 66% of all deposits, are subject to $28.3 Bn and growing in elder fraud every year (source: AARP). Discuss proactive solutions to protect your credit union and your most valuable and vulnerable members.

It used to be that confirming someone’s identity was considered the best option in protecting your aging members from fraud. Increased sophistication from scammers and the changing landscape of interaction means that identity protection is no longer a sufficient means for stopping fraud. Find out what else is necessary to ensure your members steer clear of victimization.

Better understand what drives members to stay at your institution across generations and how to leverage technology platforms to connect with the next generation and build trust before the wealth transfer moment.

How protecting your most valuable and vulnerable members can save your credit union time and money.