Mark Norton

Mark Norton is an award-winning business continuity professional with more than 12 years of experience helping organizations successfully prepare for and recover from interruptions. 

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Modern business continuity testing offers a range of test types designed to address a growing catalog of testing scenarios. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what the most effective testing protocol is to not only satisfy regulatory compliance, but also to ensure branch resilience against growing threats like cyberattacks, power loss, severe storm damage, workplace violence, and more. Mark helps credit unions develop a testing schedule that is engaging, effective, and easy to implement. 

As a critical pillar of the communities they serve, credit unions carry a distinct responsibility to their members. Mark addresses the unique needs of credit unions and presents innovative approaches to recovery that are proven to protect branch operations while supporting community needs. 

Using real-life events and examples, Mark demonstrates the savings that a robust business continuity and recovery plan offers, and how to gain buy-in from your team or leadership as you develop or enhance your BCDR program.

Mark provides an overview of the unique risks associated with remote and hybrid workforce models and offers solutions to help protect both employee productivity and business security when employees are working away from the office.