Jamie Jackson

Jamie Jackson leads Arkatechture as the founder & CEO with energy and compassion. Through the growth and evolution of Arkalytics, he embarks on a journey to build a community of data-driven financial institutions.

He is a data engineer at heart with 20+ years of experience building large operational databases, data warehouses, and decision support systems. Combined with his business intelligence and data visualization development background, Jamie enables organizations to design, implement, and adopt the information systems necessary to advance their strategic goals through data analytics.

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Speaking Topics

Learn how credit unions can tackle intricate challenges by implementing a robust data warehouse. Explore real-world case studies, including how to analyze alternatives to traditional overdraft fees and enhance loss prevention strategies. Discover the power of data in driving insightful decision-making and fostering a member-centric approach to financial services. 

Uncover the essential steps to create a blueprint for innovation within your credit union by harnessing the power of data. This overview provides a comprehensive guide on establishing a data-driven culture, implementing advanced analytics, and fostering continuous improvement. Gain insights into how leading credit unions have successfully transformed their operations and member experiences through strategic data utilization. 

Delve into the strategies and tools that credit unions can use to leverage data for enhancing member experience and optimizing business performance. This session highlights practical examples and actionable insights on how data analytics can identify member needs, personalize services, and streamline operations to achieve superior outcomes.

Discover the foundational elements required to build a data-driven credit union. This session covers the importance of data governance, the role of leadership in promoting a data-centric culture, and the technologies that support data integration and accessibility. Learn from success stories of credit unions that have effectively transitioned to data-driven operations and the tangible benefits they have realized. 

Explore the critical decision of whether to buy off-the-shelf data solutions or build custom systems tailored to your credit union’s needs. This session compares the pros and cons of both approaches, considering factors such as cost, time, scalability, and customization. Gain insights into making an informed choice that aligns with your credit union’s strategic objectives and technological capabilities.