Denise Wymore

Denise Wymore is a credit union lifer; she started her career as a Teller. For the next 20 years she moved her way up and around the org chart working in just about every department except for IT.   Then she made the big leap to go out on her own and consult with CUs all over the nation on her favorite subject “reputation” some people call it “brand.” She even wrote two books about it. She is a graduate of Western CUNA Management School and teaches Strategic Marketing at two other CUNA Management Schools. She has spoken for CUES, CUNA, WOCCU and almost every state trade association in the US.

In 2012 CU Times Named Her a “Woman to Watch” at the age of 50! In 2018, Denise earned her Advanced Emergency Medical Technician license and in her spare time volunteers with Cochiti Fire Department. She has two fur babies, Emma and Dexter and lives in New Mexico with her husband Mark.

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Speaking Topics

We tend to focus on economic risk, credit risk, interest rate risk. But how are you measuring your credit union’s reputation risk? Are you addicted to “bad profits”? Are you measuring and managing moments of truth? In her years working with credit unions, Denise has identified 7 hidden risks to reputation every credit union faces.

Credit unions are not known as innovators. At our very best we are “fast followers.” But innovation does not have to be that hard. Denise will go over the four types of innovation: the problem solver, the preventer, the improver and the creator. And she’ll share some great examples of how CUSOs and credit unions have led the way when they take the risk and try something new.

Denise Wymore has been called the “Brand Guru.” In her marketing career she has never “gone after a product or target” and doesn’t believe advertising works. Instead, she has been a story teller. She will share the success she experienced when she marketed the same product with a different story and helped to double the growth of a CUSO in just one year.