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Your Vendor’s SOC Report: What and How to Review 

October 23, 2023

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and Venminder.

During the due diligence process, it’s important to check that your vendors have the right risk management practices and controls. So, often times you’ll need to request and review their SOC report. However, it can be difficult understanding what to look for and how to analyze these complex reports. 

Watch this on-demand webinar where an expert will walk you through various sections of an SOC report and guide you on how to:

  • Review and identify the risks
  • Determine which type of SOC report you need and how to review them

Key takeaways include:

  • How a thorough vendor SOC report review benefits your credit union 
  • Scenarios of when you need a vendor SOC report and which one to request 
  • How to thoroughly review a vendor SOC and how to understand time frames and the sections within it 
  • Risk from complementary user entity controls  

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About Venminder

Venminder is an innovative, customer-motivated company that is mission-driven to help solve the many challenges organizations face when managing risks from outsourcing to third parties.

Venminder provides a dedicated platform to empower effective end-to-end lifecycle management and mitigation of third-party risks. Venminder creates long-term collaborative partnerships with their customers, providing implementation assistance, product and best practices training, ongoing support, access to expertise and more.