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Unlocking the Power of Financial Education

By Zogo
May 2023

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and Zogo.

Financial education has the power to transform not only your community but your credit union itself, too. However, the truth is most of today's financial education programs just aren't working, as evidenced by decreasing financial literacy rates. To yield the benefits that financial education creates, like more active and loyal members, it's time to reimagine your programming.

Join Zogo to learn the true potential benefits effective financial education can grant your credit union and community. Better yet, discover the learning science and behavioral science principles that make financial education really work.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why many financial education programs don't work
  • How to implement effective learning science techniques
  • How to leverage digital tools to improve education programs
  • How to boomerang the benefits back to your credit union

About Zogo

Zogo helps credit unions educate, engage and attract young people. Backed by behavioral science research at Duke University, its gamified financial literacy app teaches sound financial fundamentals and rewards users for learning. Their mission is to make personal finance fun, simple, and social. Founded by Gen Zers, Zogo understands what it takes to reach the younger generation.