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Decoding Recent Overdraft Criticism and Market Shifts

October 2022

Is the spotlight on overdraft programs eroding confidence in your credit union’s overdraft strategy? Proposed legislation and headlines typically characterize all overdraft services and fees as deceptive, unfair, predatory, or even the cause of an individual’s financial freefall. As industry experts in helping credit unions deliver a pro-consumer overdraft service, ADVANTAGE’s latest webinar may offer additional clarity on how you can provide a valuable service characterized by transparency, fairness, and consumer empowerment.

Hear the latest updates and insights on the topics making news headlines from Cheryl Lawson, ADVANTAGE’s EVP of Compliance Review. Learn more about:

  • The continuous elements proposed by lawmakers to impose changes to regulations on overdraft programs and why previous attempts have failed
  • What to make of the recent FDIC guidance on represented items
  • Tips for how to mitigate risk with proper disclosures
  • The motivations behind the market shifts by financial institutions to revitalize the image of their overdraft solution

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