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Proforma Fund

Partnering with credit unions to drive over 50% higher net loan yield and deepen member relationships through Indirect Auto Lending in their local markets.

Who is Proforma Fund?

Founded by a team of lifelong entrepreneurs and credit union experts, Proforma offers an end-to-end solution that helps credit unions drive higher yield while deepening member relationships. We identify less than prime auto loan applicants, originate the loans, service the new members loan relationships, and manage the program risk through automatic loan repurchase at full value.

Members benefits by seeing the interest rate on their auto loan decrease after successfully completing a certain number of payments. 

How a strategic alliance with Proforma benefits credit unions

The once thriving credit union auto-loan business has changed dramatically. With 9 of 10 loans now made at dealerships using national and online lenders, credit unions need an innovative solution to reclaim their local market. Proforma delivers by creating high quality lending relationships with dealerships and bundling all the services. A Proforma partnership is cash positive on day one for the credit union.

Why choose Proforma Fund

Not only does Proforma make accessing the auto-loan market efficient and profitable, but there are no hidden fees or subscription costs. Credit Unions can realize an over 50% yield increase with each new loan, and Proforma gets paid only when a borrower successfully makes a payment. 

Connect with Proforma

It can take less than 60 days to start seeing a boost in auto-loan yield and volume with Proforma. Contact your CSS representative to begin a conversation and explore how much Proforma can produce for you.