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Asset Security

ATM Tracker

Protects the ATM and cash against attack. Tracks the stolen machine for police to pinpoint the location for capture and recovery.

Cassette Tracker

Add-on solution to the ATM Tracker system for enhanced cash cassette protection.

Cash Tracker

Protects cash from robbery and theft. Cash drawers are a quick and easy target for criminals. Cash Tracker automatically notifies law enforcement while it silently tracks the criminals, allowing police to lock on the target, move in for the arrest and recover the cash.

Vault Tracker

Protects large amounts of cash from robberies and burglaries. When a theft occurs, police are automatically notified of the crime as Vault Tracker silently tracks the criminals.


Protects cash in teller drawers from robberies.

SecuriDab LT

Protects cash in ATMs and cash machines with ink-staining technology. If an attack occurs, SecuriDab LT will automatically detect and confirm the attack, then stain the cash in the cassette, rendering it worthless to the criminal.


Mobile application manages the challenges of branch transformation, cuts costs and increases staff safety and efficiency. SafeResource is the all-in-one powerful solution you need to navigate safety, compliance, staffing, training and audit control. This multi-departmental solution cross-functions to support security, risk, HR, legal and operations.

Why we like these solutions:

  • Security and peace of mind for credit unions
  • Prevention and recovery
  • A team of security experts
  • Wide range of solutions for each credit union’s needs

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