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Transforming Your Self-Service

By Kinective
September 19, 2022

An Infographic Guide to Lowering Operational Costs with Self-Service

Self-service solutions are ranked as the #1 most-critical technology to financial executives' current retail branch strategies. And with today's rising costs and staffing shortages, it is no surprise.

But what else are financial executives seeing and doing with their self-service plans?

Check out a few of the latest insights all gathered in this easy-to-read infographic:

  • What types of self-service technologies others are investing in now
  • The top benefits others are seeing
  • The most common placements of self-service kiosks
  • How integration can impact the effectiveness  

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About Kinective

Kinective helps credit unions optimize the foundational technology behind transformation by integrating cash recyclers, self-service kiosks, tablet-banking interfaces and other peripherals into credit union cores. These integrations and powerful data analytics capabilities allow credit unions to simplify the complex banking ecosystems of disparate technologies, and leverage hardware to its full potential and support modern banking experiences.