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shrunk the branch

Honey, I Shrunk The Branch

December 13 , 2022

Here at DBSI+CFM we like experimenting, inventing, and innovating. However, unlike Wayne Szalinski, we haven’t put anyone (especially children) in danger with our experiments. Instead, our science lab cranks out ideas that make banking better—like the “whiz-pop-poof” magic of shrinking branches into micro branches!

So, why are we tinkering with the formula of making branches smaller?

Branch traffic has changed—but it hasn’t disappeared. In fact, a recent study found that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, seven in ten Americans had visited a bank branch in the past 12 months.

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About DBSI

DBSI is a design-build firm that’s out of this world. Think of them like rocket scientists — but instead of rockets, they launch exceptional credit union environments by fusing design-build, technology and delivery together.

They are completely focused on the credit union industry and have the latest trends and the basics down, so you don’t have to waste time explaining compliance or other nuances. They get you to your desired state faster. 

Think incredible ease and convenience with a partner that connects all the dots for your project to eliminate any finger-pointing. The question isn’t what can DBSI do, but rather, “What experience are you trying to deliver in your branches and HQ?”