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The C-Suite’s Guide to Enhancing Employee Benefits and Reducing Costs 

By InterLutions
May 2022

Yes, there really is an option to buy less insurance at lower costs and still deliver high quality competitive benefits to our employees. 

Read this white paper from Interlutions, and learn how an innovative, collaborative, hybrid purchasing model can help credit unions deliver high quality benefits while driving down costs. 

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About InterLutions

InterLutions is a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) founded in 2015 to provide innovative solutions to the credit union industry and movement.

Its flagship product, I-Care, provides enhanced medical insurance benefits to credit union employees at lower costs. By pooling employees from many credit unions, volume helps reduce claims risk and volatility of premiums, lowering costs for employees and credit unions. Lower costs and multiple plan options give credit union employees the benefits they deserve.