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How Traditional Credit Scoring Models Negatively Impact Small Dollar Lending

By QCash
May 2022

There are certain credit variables that aren’t factored when determining real-time credit worthiness for consumers looking to improve their lives by taking out a life event loan from their local credit union. They fail to fully incorporate other subtle yet critical data points like utility bills and regular delivery of rent.

In this valuable and perspective-shifting white paper, QCash CUSO educates the reader on antiquated credit scoring models that disadvantage borrowers and makes the case as to why credit unions should use alternative lending criteria when considering a member’s ability to repay a debt.

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About QCash

QCash Financial, a CUSO, is a fintech firm that is mission-driven to empower financial institutions in their quest to improve the financial well-being of their communities by providing loans to their members in under 60 seconds without the use of a credit score. The QCash platform is the best tool for advancing financial inclusion and access for credit union members.