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Create greater access to credit for marginalized populations

By Equifax
August 2022

Expanding your credit reach to marginalized populations can help them and you. According to Equifax research, more than one-third of Americans are unbanked, underbanked, have a thin credit file, or are credit invisible (no credit file). Ultimately, without traditional credit standing, many consumers who can responsibly handle credit are shut out of mainstream financial products due to a lack of opportunity to establish a credit history. Discover opportunities to help your community while growing your membership with data products that help you to go beyond the traditional credit score.

About Equifax

Equifax is a global data, analytics, and technology company and plays an essential role in the economy by helping credit unions make critical decisions with greater confidence.

The unique blend of differentiated data, analytics, and technology from Equifax creates the insights that power decisions to move people forward. Equifax helps credit unions provide a seamless and positive experience during life’s pivotal moments — like applying for a job or mortgage, financing an education, or buying a car.

Their purpose is to help people live their financial best. Equifax strives to create economically healthy individuals and communities everywhere they do business. In a single year, their unique data and analytics changes millions of lives across the world.

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