Tom O'Neill

Tom O'Neill brings over 20 years of experience leading analytic consulting engagements within financial services and other industries. As risk advisor at Equifax, Tom provides analytic thought leadership to client senior management, public forums, and various industry and advisory councils. He regularly presents macroeconomic and industry trends through various forums such as webinars, keynote speaking sessions, podcasts, and conferences. Tom’s industry expertise is highly admired within Equifax, and is a top choice when being considered for thought leadership opportunities.  

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Based on our Equifax and third-party data and analytics, we are able to provide various financial and nonfinancial industries with macroeconomic, industry and growth trends. These data insights help businesses prepare for economic uncertainty, enhance growth strategies, mitigate risk, and better understand their markets.

Translate macroeconomic conditions into understanding the implications these may have for the decision points across the consumer risk lifecycle within specific verticals and segments of interest. Lenders operate in different acquisition and approval spaces, so the economic and industry implications will also vary depending on where they operate. This perspective enables a nuanced approach through understanding and translating specifically what it means for the customer segment. 

Alternative data such as telco and utility payments, income and employment verifications, and other sources of nontraditional data can help financial institutions make sound lending decisions on those with little or no credit history, or unbanked/underbanked individuals looking to open lines of credit or new accounts. Financial institutions with access to this type of alternative data can help spearhead a “financial well-being for all” strategy and enhance their members' lending experiences.