Seth Brickman

Seth is an innovative leader with a successful track record of leading teams and building software products customers love to use and transforming businesses through data-based decision making. Working for Amazon, Microsoft, and Carnival Corporation, he has seen many successes and has consistently grown customer satisfaction/engagement, revenue, and EBITA.

As a co-founder of a successful health-tech start-up, Seth knows how to start from nothing and grow a company and take over the reins of a successful company and increase the growth trajectory. Being a former US Navy Nuclear Engineer and MBA Adjunct Professor, Seth is known for making the complex simple and helping people understand the most technical issues. Under Seth’s leadership, QCash Financial is now helping over 7M credit union members through a life event.

Seth is an excellent speaker and leader; known for his passion and his core belief that he can learn something from everyone he meets.

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Speaking Topics

US Navy Veteran and QCash Financial CUSO CEO Seth Brickman will share his stories from the deep. From the ocean depths of the Atlantic to the pioneering heights of the fintech movement, Seth will dive into how his time building and serving on a nuclear submarine aligns with how credit unions can drive financial inclusion and serve the banking underserved.

Everybody thinks NACSAR races are just going around in circle. The truth is your members who are using predatory lending are doing the same thing, but it will lead to financial destruction.

States are finally getting wise to predatory lenders, and that’s why it's imperative that credit unions TAKE ACTION to steer members toward the safety and financial security of their local credit union branches. Let’s get practical and find ways to beat high-cost alternatives, meet needs that exist, practice ITIN lending to immigrants, and give members a responsible, affordable option.

When a hurricane or fire strikes, be ready to help your members with the flick of a switch! When threats find their way to our communities, it will take cash to prepare to evacuate. Credit unions need to be ready to respond to their members’ life events, calendar-based needs, and disasters in their community.