Ian Wright

Ian Wright is a solutions and strategy executive with more than 20 years of experience driving and deploying successful DaaS and SaaS solutions. Currently, he leads data strategy and manages the IXI Network for Equifax’s marketing business. Ian previously led product strategy and innovation efforts across marketing, addressable advertising, and identity resolution markets for Experian Marketing Services. Prior to joining Experian, he led the development of IXI Services' solutions to fuel the company's growth from a startup entity through its acquisition by Equifax.

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Identify who your best members are, members with significant deposits who hold most of them with you, and what makes them tick so you can acquire more of them. Also, identify which of your members are more likely to have significant deposits held at other institutions. Understand how to best engage these members who can make the most impact on your deposit levels by transferring significant levels of assets to your credit union.

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