Cody Willis

Cody is a senior strategist for CFM, with a focus on making banking easier for members. His expertise includes helping credit unions migrate low-value, high-cost transactions and re-focusing staff on value-added product conversations that help members along their financial journey. Having personally worked with over 250 financial institutions, Cody has in-depth knowledge of back-office operations and retail banking strategies. With his expertise, he is a frequent and sought-after speaker in the retail banking space. 

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One of the areas most ripe for a massive return on investment is leveraging self-service kiosks as central transaction stations for both clients and staff. Repurposing this technology can drastically reduce teller, equipment and branch footprint requirements.

One appealing complement to the self-service kiosk is to equip associates with portable devices that pair with the kiosks. This approach can enable staff to queue up transactions and fulfill them at the kiosk when customers need full service or monitor activity and step in as needed when assisted service will suffice.

This fluid pairing provides the first step into introducing in-branch self-service, while still offering versatility by enabling both clients and associates to complete transactions without having to log in and out of accounts or shift to workstations.

With an industry in flux – what are the smarter ways to move the “providing a better client experience” needle across all channels? It's a common challenge most financial institutions face as the battle for deposits, loans and growth is fiercer than ever. The answer increasingly lies in various technologies and strategies to help bridge the gap and modernize legacy systems – but what’s actually working, and where are others seeing results? Cody will break down the research from CFM+NXTsoft’s survey of nearly 400 banking executives together on what financial institutions are focusing on, the tactics they’re using to get there and what you should prioritize to maintain your competitive edge.

There’s no doubt about it: the face of retail banking is changing rapidly. Clients today want digital solutions for basic transactions like deposits, transfers and bill payments. At the same time, when they visit their bank or credit union branches, they want more consultative experiences versus transactive. Employees are selective, too. Great Resignation or not, today’s employees want more pay and benefits, a better work-life balance, and opportunities that allow them to perform at their best.

Take a moment, then, to consider where your financial institution is in terms of services and availability. Are you providing clients and employees with the experiences they’re hoping for in a retail branch environment? Would you like to optimize your workforce and become more efficient? Are you sitting with a lot of unused space? Cody talks about technology options that can help you modernize your physical spaces within your budget and your timeframes.