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Cheat Code: How To Beat the Branch Efficiency Game in 2023

By Kinective
October 2022

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and Kinective.

The competition and fierce pressure to reduce costs in 2023 is real.

And while the branch remains the primary sales channel for most institutions despite digital investments, its heavy operational structure can’t be sustained. To make matters worse, staffing issues continue to plague all retailers, and financial institutions are not immune.

How can financial institutions beat the game and come out on top?

Join this webinar to hear the perspective of two different banking experts on tangible strategies for reducing costs and increasing sales.

You walk away with ideas on:

  • The latest findings from Celent’s The Post Pandemic Branch Network Report
  • Common post-pandemic branch myths debunked
  • Top branch channel technology stack priorities for 2023
  • Strategies for modernizing legacy technology to reduce costs and lower FTE needs
  • Trends in assisted-service, self-service, and universal associate staffing models  

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