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Stop Criminals From Cashing In at the ATM


3SI Security Systems
March 22, 2024

This infographic shines a light on the rising problem of ATM crime in the US, showing how much these crimes have increased. The stats tell a clear story: we’ve got to step up our game in keeping these machines safe.

In a nutshell, it breaks down how we can fight back with smart tech and smart strategies to keep the bad actors at bay. It's all about making ATMs a tougher target, from alarms and cameras to barriers and GPS trackers. This infographic is a quick, engaging read that gets you thinking about securing our cash machines with some of the latest tools out there. It’s a peek into how we’re turning the tables on ATM crime.

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About 3SI Security Systems

3SI Security Systems, celebrating our 53rd year in the security industry, has recently merged with Wren, a pioneer in theft-deterrence camera housings and monitoring technologies. This merger amplifies our efforts to ensure a #SaferWorld for credit unions by merging 3SI's robust tracking, tracing, and SaaS solutions with Wren's advanced theft-deterrent technologies. Together, we form a formidable barrier against crime, focusing on asset recovery, criminal apprehension, and providing peace of mind for our clients.

Our combined technologies utilize the latest in 4G/LTE, GNSS, and Wi-Fi for unmatched location accuracy, contributing to a remarkable success rate of over 70% in deterring criminal activities. This synergy has led to the recovery of over $150 million in stolen cash and assets. It has been instrumental in the arrest of more than 19,000 dangerous criminals, protecting more than 400 million North American citizens. 3SI, enhanced by Wren's expertise, continues to stand as a beacon of Security, Safety, Service, and Innovation, setting new standards in safeguarding the credit union industry.