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How Member Trust Drives Digital Adoption with Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

By POPi/o
August 26, 2021

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union granted $1.7 billion in member loans and welcomed 14k new members in 2020. But behind those stunning numbers was a video banking rollout that changed peoples' lives.

Read the case study to learn:

  •  How this credit union’s members made use of full-service video banking
  • The ways member trust can drive adoption
  • Why video banking can improve service footprint and hours of operation

About POPi/o

POPi/o is the world’s premier provider of video banking solutions that enable human interactions that are easy, convenient and efficient. POPi/o helps innovative credit unions build virtual branches that are sales focused and service oriented. POPi/o’s software assists credit unions in connecting with their members and enables highly engaging video interactions.

Virtual branches address the same needs as a physical branch. A critical and essential aspect of POPi/o’s video banking solution is the distinct ability to connect members with product-knowledge experts to serve the community whenever and wherever they have financial needs.