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Fast, Consistent Loan Decisions With First Service Credit Union First Service 

By Zest AI
February 2022

Credit Union opened its doors in 1977 and has ever since served the hard-working people of Houston with pride. Its employees are committed to helping members and the surrounding community gain greater financial freedom by providing a simplified financial experience with a personal touch. First Service wanted portfolio growth and more consistency in its underwriting. It needed faster, automated approvals without adding risk. So the credit union turned to Zest for help in building and adopting a powerful AI auto loans model. The model’s accuracy outshines VantageScores in the crucial (and more profitable) middle credit tiers. First Service is now achieving much higher automation rates compared to industry averages.

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About Zest AI

Zest AI is a mission-driven software company that helps credit unions and banks answer their most important question: Who do I lend to? Zest’s Model Management System lets lenders break the limitations of traditional credit scores to identify good borrowers overlooked by legacy techniques.

Zest has been on a mission to make fair and transparent credit available to all since 2009 and are pioneers in the safe use of AI in credit underwriting.