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Commonwealth Credit Union: Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI

By Zest AI
February 2022

Commonwealth Credit Union has had remarkable growth in the past five years, including 18% loan growth in 2020, by focusing on creating a simple, memorable, great experience for its 111,000 members. Read how it accelerated its digital transformation with AI-driven lending from Zest AI to achieve 15% higher approvals, a sixfold increase in auto-decisioning, and seamless integration with its MeridianLink LOS. 

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About Zest AI

Zest AI is a mission-driven software company that helps credit unions and banks answer their most important question: Who do I lend to? Zest’s Model Management System lets lenders break the limitations of traditional credit scores to identify good borrowers overlooked by legacy techniques.

Zest has been on a mission to make fair and transparent credit available to all since 2009 and are pioneers in the safe use of AI in credit underwriting.