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2021 Video Banking Implementation Guide

By POPi/o August 26, 2021.

As expected, video call volume grew exponentially in 2020. But as we enter 2021, this “trend” shows no signs of slowing. What can we expect as we continue into 2021? And what does the future look like for full-service video banking?             

In this guide, you’ll get:

  • Testimony from successful video banking implementations
  • Reasons why recent market changes are more than temporary spikes
  • Recent data on video banking use and adoption

About POPi/o

POPi/o is the world’s premier provider of video banking solutions that enable human interactions that are easy, convenient and efficient. POPi/o helps innovative credit unions build virtual branches that are sales focused and service oriented. POPi/o’s software assists credit unions in connecting with their members and enables highly engaging video interactions.

Virtual branches address the same needs as a physical branch. A critical and essential aspect of POPi/o’s video banking solution is the distinct ability to connect members with product-knowledge experts to serve the community whenever and wherever they have financial needs.