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Unlocking Digital Security Excellence: SafeBanker's Advancements for Credit Unions


By Briana Stelzer, MIS, Marketing Manager, 3SI
November 17, 2023

Credit union branches often rely on all-clear signals for day-to-day security, a practice that has become outdated as technology advances and security threats become more sophisticated. The reliability of these traditional systems is increasingly called into question, highlighting the need for updated security measures. In response, there's been a shift toward exploring more secure, digital solutions to address the vulnerabilities of these long-standing practices.

3SI: Half a Century of Cutting-Edge Security Innovations

With over 50 years of security expertise, 3SI has significantly advanced crime prevention, credited with over 17,500 criminal apprehensions and the recovery of $145 million in assets, achieved through partnerships with nearly 10,000 law enforcement agencies.

Known for dye packs and GPS trackers for cash drawers, vaults, and ATMs, 3SI’s portfolio also includes covert GPS devices for retail and law enforcement sting operations. This innovative approach led to the development of safety software, catalyzed by an incident where a robber exploited the “all-clear” signal, causing staff trauma and significant upheaval at the institution.

Introducing the SafeResource System: A Triad of Modern Security Measures, Including Digitized All-Clear Signals

The answer came with “SafeResource,” a system developed in collaboration with credit union executives to eliminate physical all-clear signals. Since its debut in 2017, SafeResource has evolved into a comprehensive safety platform.

SafeResource, Powered by 3SI, With Digitized All-Clear Signals

Traditional all-clear signals, which discreetly confirm a branch's safety, are outdated and insecure. SafeResource’s merits include:

  • Eliminating physical all-clear signals. Staff receive branch status updates via an app, enhancing security and ensuring compliance.
  • Minimizing staff needs for branch opening procedures, reducing expenses. The 24/7 monitoring center acts as a surrogate staff member, prepared to summon police if emergencies arise.
  • Streamlining operations by reducing time spent on administrative tasks, like auditing security routines or managing all-clear signals, and simplifying tracking of staff compliance with opening protocols.

Emergency Readiness at Your Fingertips: Enhancing Immediate Response Capabilities

SafeResource is a comprehensive security solution essential for modern credit union operations, comprising three elements: staff using an app, an administrative team managing via a web console, and a 24/7 monitoring station. The system offers real-time solutions and practical applications, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and human life protection.

Live demos highlight features like multi-branch access, geofencing, customizable surveys, and emergency response coordination. The system ensures task completion and staff safety, with features like personal and service timers for enhanced security.

The admin portal facilitates detailed branch monitoring, streamlining security audits, and improving efficiency. Features include employee management, customization of operational standards, and an emergency notification system (ENS) for direct crisis communication.

Addressing Concerns: Balancing Privacy, Cost, and App Usage With SafeResource

Concerns about SafeResource include privacy, cost, and personal phone use. However, the system ensures confidentiality and represents a wise investment. Priced at $100 per month per branch, it offers potential savings and compliance. Staff use the app primarily for opening and closing, and the system’s benefits can offset any concerns, especially with its safety features.

SafeResource provides detailed guides, demos, a free pilot program, and contract reviews. The pilot includes full-scale simulations and extensive training. SafeResource is a robust partner for secure, efficient credit union operations, prioritizing staff safety and procedural adherence.

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Note: SafeBanker and SafeResource are the same application, tailored for different industries.

About 3SI Security Systems

Founded in 1971 and celebrating 50 years of creating a #SaferWorld, 3SI Security Systems’ solutions combat credit union crime through tracking, tracing and SaaS app technology. Break the crime cycle with solutions that recover stolen assets, apprehend criminals and deliver peace of mind.

3SI’s GPS devices operate from an elite technological platform incorporating 4G/LTE technology using both GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and WiFi for superior location accuracy and maximum precision. 3SI’s full suite of solutions boasts a success rate of +70%, recovering over $136 Million in stolen cash and assets, and leading to the arrest of more than 15,000 dangerous criminals. With 50 years of experience, 3SI’s services protect more than 250,000 locations worldwide.

The 3SI name stands for Security, Safety, Service and Innovation. #SaferWorld