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How to Engage Your Members With Interactive Screens

Interactive screen technology is a way to modernize your financial institution and improve member satisfaction and retention while also helping your staff create advisory-level conversations.

By Ashley Incardone, Growth Manager, DBSI

July 21, 2023

The banking landscape today is increasingly competitive as more and more members navigate to online and mobile banking for their personal and business needs. In this environment, it has become critical for banks and credit unions to evolve their networks and offer members more digital experiences that complement how they’re now communicating with the world. And interactive screens are a good way to encourage the process. 

A few notable statistics:

  • Interactive content generates twice as many conversations as passive content and up to five times more page views than ordinary content. (Kapost)
  • At least 88% of marketers say that interactive content helps them stand out from the competition. (Business2Community)
  • Digital signage, on the other hand, captures 400x more attention than all other methods of communication (and doubles the retention rate). (DCA 2022 Annual Survey Report)

But once you’ve onboarded interactive screen technology, how do you get members to engage with it?

Our DBSI team specializes in interactive screens and digital signage technology for financial institutions. From interactive kiosks and discovery bars to tablets and interactive teller machines (ITMs), we help branch networks fast forward into the digital age with products and services that not only increase member engagement but make staff communications easier. By the way … to fit your initiatives, we’ve also carefully curated a group of content pillars housing over 150 modules you can choose from to use with interactive technology.

Ways We Know You Can Get Member Engagement to Happen

Make Your Messages Personal

It’s well known in marketing that member engagement increases when you make the content more personal. And when companies successfully engage members, there’s 63% lower customer attrition and 55% higher wallet share according to a study by Gallup. With interactive screens, you are able to tailor financial and community content based on the geography of your audience, plus display it at the times and locations of your choosing.

For instance, let’s say your branch does a variety of business loans in the communities you serve. Imagine creating a video series highlighting some of these businesses and how your financial institution helped them with financing. You can then utilize interactive kiosks and screens to play these videos as members approach the kiosks for service. This type of content not only builds community connection, but creates connections on a personal level that generate interest and build trust – several important keys to customer engagement.

Promote Your Brand

A member’s trust and respect begins with the perception that your financial institution is able to communicate strength and competency at handling their money. In this respect, using interactive screens to communicate your vision and mission is a way to consistently show them the core elements of your branding.

To expand on ideas a little further, you can share your brand proposition on screen by displaying online member reviews and testimonials as well as positive social media mentions and interactions. This social proof goes a long way toward getting a member or new prospect to choose your financial institution over another.

Encourage Wayfinding

When a member enters a branch location or headquarters, they want to know right away where to go without having to wait for assistance. Since members who wait more than ten minutes for service are significantly less likely to return to a business or recommend it to others (MIT), it pays to find ways to reduce timeframes – and interactive screens do just that. By making interactive screens available for wayfinding, a member can get clear directions, or even check in for their appointment and read important notifications … in just a few clicks.

Besides the benefit of reduced member wait times, staff members are able to assist members from anywhere in the branch through tablet-based banking technology, and aren't tied down to one teller tower or service area. Moreover, interactive screen technology frees up staff members in the branch to hold more advisory conversations and complete high-level tasks.

Showcase Products and Services (Plus Save the Environment)

If you want to stay competitive as a financial institution, you must offer a wide range of products and services to your members … plus be able to promote them effectively or members won't even know they exist. With interactive screens, you gain the ability to add and switch out content according to your objectives at any time. This reduces the need for printed material and lowers your marketing and advertising costs over the long run. Additionally, your financial institution will be generating less environmental waste from eliminating the printing of all the brochures, flyers and pamphlets that you’d typically need to produce every time you update the content.

To put this concept into perspective, let’s say you have a branch with a larger demographic of home-buying members. You could employ interactive screens to advertise mortgage rates, display mortgage lender profiles and start loan conversations. A member can then utilize the interactive screen to ask loan-related questions or even set up an appointment with a mortgage lender while visiting the branch.

Teach Financial Literacy

While members are waiting for service or a scheduled appointments, interactive screens give you an opportunity to offer them educational content and boost their financial literacy. Besides being entertaining, this content will strengthen your brand and position your financial institution as a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource. Some of the content you deploy can provide tutorials, Q&As, how-to’s, informative videos and more. And some of the topics most people want to learn more about include investing, saving money and retiring, according to a Facebook IQ survey.

Place Interactive Screens Strategically

Knowing “what” to put on your interactive screens is one big element of incorporating them into your branch network, but “where” is another element you will need to strategically consider. Here are some types of interactive screen technologies and ideas on where to place them depending on your strategic marketing and advertising goals:

  • Interactive Screens and Kiosks: These personal-sized touchscreen devices and stations make it easy for a member to learn about products and services, get directions, learn about finances and more. They work great when placed in waiting areas and out on the service floor where staff can also use them for advisory conversations.
  • Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs): Go double-duty by incorporating your marketing and advertising onto the screens of these machines. A member will be able to make financial transactions as well as view your personalized, branded content during the transaction process. High-traffic areas outside of your branch (parking lots, for example) and drive-thru locations are all prime locations for ITMs.
  • Discovery Bars: This is a unique setup in which a number of tablets are placed in a user-friendly space, often with chairs or stools for comfort and convenience. Members can complete web transactions here, learn about products and services – even play games and take quizzes. discovery bars work nicely in waiting and service areas.

Get Started With DBSI

Overall, interactive screens are useful tools for helping make banking experiences more modern across the communities you serve. By implementing interactive screens into your network, your members will better understand who you are and what kind of financial services you offer – which will increase their confidence and encourage them to give you more business.

Ready to get your technology journey started? Connect with us for your complimentary consultation – or even better – ask for a free tour of our Ideation Center in Chandler, AZ.

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