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Don’t Become Another Statistic. Secure Web Hosting for Credit Unions is Crucial.


By NewtekOne
November 27, 2023

From building a resilient online presence to countering attacks, secure web hosting assists credit unions in navigating this critical landscape to safeguard data and maintain member trust.

Against a staggering 38% surge in global cyber-attacks over the past year, secure web hosting has become a crucial aspect for all businesses. For credit unions entrusted with safeguarding their members’ sensitive information, secure web hosting is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

Credit Union Cyber Attack

The recent cyber-attack on a $1 billion plus credit union demonstrates the vulnerabilities of using third-party software that lacks adequate security measures. Utilizing the MOVEit file-transfer application, the credit union found itself among the victims of a critical vulnerability, granting unauthorized individuals access to data stored on MOVEit servers. This incident exemplifies the importance of secure third-party services like web hosting. Considering these risks, here are some advantages of utilizing a secure third-party service like web hosting.

Benefits of Secure Hosting

  • SEO Ranking – A reliable hosting service frequently results in higher rankings on search engine pages (SERPs). Secured websites get preferential treatment over unprotected sites. If a website becomes compromised, search engines can drop their ranking on SERPs.
  • Cyber Attack Protection – Secured web hosts have evolving security measures to safeguard their users against cyber threats. Like robust password authentication systems, DDoS protection, VPS hosting, SSH access, and automatic backups.
  • Ongoing Support Team – Secured web hosts typically maintain a team of experts available to assist users with troubleshooting and continued support.
  • Building an Online Presence – Web hosting services provide a platform for users to efficiently store web content files to facilitate the creation of their online presence. This cuts local storage costs and simplifies the website development process. Beyond accessibility, web hosting equips users with security backups and support, creating a resilient online ecosystem.

Evolving Cyber Threats

In an era where cyber security threats like malware, hacking, and DDoS attacks become more prevalent, secure web hosting is the shield credit unions urgently need. It mandates a proactive and defensive stance to protect members' sensitive data. In doing so, secure web hosting becomes instrumental in mitigating revenue losses, protecting user data and privacy, and enhancing SEO rankings.

As cyber threats evolve, secure web hosting gains significance, particularly for credit unions and their members. It is integral to creating an online presence while actively defending against evolving attacks.

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