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2022 finance predictions look cloudy with a chance of pineapple

By Karinne Strikowski
January 2022

Cryptocurrencies, inflation, and supply chain shortages? Looking into 2022 finance predictions, all we think about is how will this affect the average American and what are credit unions going to do to help them. 

Credit unions are faced with challenges while operating in a fast-changing environment and must address evolving customer expectations. Also, CUs saw a huge wave of adapting to the latest trends in the market to drive business growth—all while managing to offer reliable security, compliance, and support. 

While members are reflecting on the past year and creating resolutions for their future; they are also taking this time to sort their finances. CUs should bear in mind that it is important for members to review which financial steps they can take now that could benefit them in 2022. With many potential changes on the horizon, offering services to help reach financial wellness is a new years resolution everyone would love to achieve. 

With 2022 around the corner, it’s critical for CUs to take this opportunity to lend a helping hand to their members – but if you need more assistance in offering assistance for financial wellness, consider Zogo for your members.

Zogo’s mission is to provide its partners members and their families with gamified financial education. Backed by scientific research, its award-winning app offers bite-size modules and tangible incentives to make financial education accessible, fun, and rewarding. The new year is the perfect time to go over finances that will directly impact each member’s financial future and using a tool like Zogo gives clarity while making those difficult decisions.

Karinne Strikowski is the Marketing Manager at Zogo.

About Zogo

Zogo helps credit unions educate, engage and attract young people. Backed by behavioral science research at Duke University, its gamified financial literacy app teaches sound financial fundamentals and rewards users for learning. Their mission is to make personal finance fun, simple, and social. Founded by Gen Zers, Zogo understands what it takes to reach the younger generation.