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Full-Service Video Banking Platform

POPi/o gives financial institutions the tools to expand their service footprint. Utilizing the solution, a credit union can meet its members wherever they are, offering the ability to perform any in-branch service over video.

Members are calling for comprehensive digital resources, and full-service video banking is the ultimate solution:

  • 42% of consumers are visiting branches less frequently—and plan to continue doing so
  • 80% of all video banking calls result in new account or lending opportunities
  • Only 8% of issues find resolution through digital self-service channels, the rest need the help of an expert through a platform like full-service video banking
  • 97% of consumers across all call types gave video banking a positive rating
  • ROI is achieved in 6 to 9 months

Why we like this solution:

  • Efficiently service your members wherever they are
  • Bring your complex, in-branch services out into the world
  • Improve member experience and increase revenue-generating transactions

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