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Newtek Business Services Corp

Expand services and profitability with additional product offerings that drive greater value to your members without competing with your core products. 

Who is Newtek?

Businesses expect more and Newtek Business Services Corp (NASDAQ: NEWT) delivers core solutions that help businesses grow. As a partner, Newtek provides business lending, merchant processing, payroll, insurance and website/technology services that credit unions can offer to members. Their model ensures that credit unions keep their members doing business with them, rather than looking for other providers. Newtek enhances the relationship and strengthens the dependency between businesses, members and the credit union. 

How a strategic alliance with Newtek benefits credit unions

Businesses are either growing or dying and need key business essentials for growth. Newtek extends credit unions’ offerings, allowing companies to have the competitive edge in their market, while providing additional revenue streams for credit unions. Newtek brings resources to the table that help build solutions and produces assets to promote services, without your credit union having to invest in more staff or product development. This partnership develops seamlessly into a relationship that simply becomes an extension of your team, allowing your organization to be more competitive with current market needs. No long-term commitments; Newtek earns the relationship daily and the outcomes speak for themselves.

Why choose Newtek

Standing out from the rest and delivering on core needs to your members is what makes them engage long-term with your credit union. Newtek works with businesses of all sizes daily by the thousands, so they know what companies need to grow. As a market leader in core competencies, Newtek focuses on cutting-edge solutions that produce outcomes, while ensuring maximum cost savings for your members. Their solutions enhance your member bonds, while differentiating your brand from the market

Products and services

Newtek offers flexibility in their credit union small business referral program. Choose which services your credit union wants to offer to members—from one service to the entire suite. You can begin offering business services to your members quickly, with no up-front investment in additional staff or infrastructure.

There is no cost to your credit union for these services, and you'll receive a one-time referral fee or an ongoing revenue share, depending on the specific service, providing a source of non-interest income.

Newtek provides marketing and training support, including social media content. And with NewTracker, an online referral system, credit union staff can enter and track the status of member referrals online, 24/7.

Why we like these solutions: 

  • Offer your members useful services without overhead and infrastructure
  • Gain additional non-interest income
  • Newtek handles sales and fulfillment
  • Backed by a trusted provider

Connect with Newtek

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about Newtek. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union. 

Newtek has exclusive pricing and solutions reserved for CUNA Strategic Services and the credit unions and leagues we work with.