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Securely process transactions remotely 

RTA is a patent-pending tool that gives all staff the ability to securely process cash transactions (deposits and withdrawals) through a recycler or dispenser – from anywhere in the branch.

With RTA, cash recyclers can be placed in centralized locations within the branch to provide faster service to members.

How it works:

  1. Any withdrawal or deposit request is initiated at a staff member’s workstation on any device (e.g. tablet, PC, iPad, etc.)
  2. The transaction is queued in the Cloud and is prepared for processing
  3. The transaction is then processed at the recycler (either behind the teller counter or in a centralized location) once a simple and unique code is entered by the staff member
  4. All associates (MSR, Teller, or the Branch Manager) can complete all transaction needs


  • Reduce transaction load
  • Allow staff to “line bust” and have transactions be filled anywhere in the branch by universal associates and MSRs v. just tellers
  • More employees can use less hardware, which reduces branch costs significantly
  • No interruption to tellers or the members they are servicing
  • Maximize efficiency of staff and cash automation technology
  • Delivers one and done service for member delight

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