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Gain visibility into cash handling hardware

iQ is a business intelligence solution that enables visibility into how a credit union’s machines are being used day-to-day. These insights enable branch managers and C-level stakeholders to make smarter decisions regarding purchasing, deploying and optimizing their entire cash automation fleet.

Real-time reporting and analytics provide business-critical metrics:

  • Are machines being used properly?
  • How much cash is in the machines?
  • What do denominations look like?
  • How are tellers using the machines?
  • How much cash is needed in the machine? 
  • If service needs are required, what is the root cause?

Key functionality:

  • Device health: Receive device recommendations based on statistical use to properly purchase, deploy and maintain a healthy fleet of cash dispensers and recyclers
  • Teller data: Understand and identify which tellers may need more training for effectively operating the machines and receive recommendations on how to optimize your hardware
  • Cash forecasting: Find out how much cash is needed in machines based on actual data
  • On-demand service: Proactive and preventive service features that enable automated communication between hardware and service provider to ensure limited downtime

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