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Optimize Acquisition with Prescreen

Identify prospects who are most likely to respond to your credit offers with Prescreen from Equifax. From there, you can more strategically focus your marketing and sales efforts on those individuals who represent your most promising — and potentially most profitable — audience. To understand today’s consumers even more deeply, layer in alternative data as well as consumer financial capacity insights to expand and refine acquisition targeting while managing risk.

Prescreen works by tapping the market-leading Equifax member credit file, to identify predictive data elements that can help calculate a consumer’s propensity to open one or more new accounts. What makes Prescreen unique is that it can also reveal which members are less likely to default on payments. So, while other tools can predict high open rates and high bad rates, Prescreen helps you find the sweet spot of lower risk accounts with high open rates.

  • Make confident, time-sensitive offers when consumers are likely to respond
  • Optimize marketing performance by targeting a specific group of interested, qualified consumers
  • Better segment consumer groups for more tailored card offers
  • Help reduce risk by targeting consumers who are less likely to default on payments
  • Boost marketing ROI by generating more targeted lists of high lifetime value prospects
  • Extend Prescreen campaigns via email and digital

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