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Small Dollar Loan Program

Life Event Loans

When life happens, be there for your members

Each year, financial emergencies affect thousands of people. The causes may vary, yet they are almost always unexpected life events that create some sort of financial hardship for those impacted. Life Event Loan examples include:

  • accident
  • illness or injury
  • pet emergency
  • home repair
  • auto repair
  • more month than money
  • overdraft

When life happens to your members, Life Event Loans help them stay afloat. QCash Life Event Loans can provide the funds your members need, day or night. In just six clicks in 60 seconds, the funds are immediately deposited into their account. No credit check and nothing more than a computer or smartphone to complete the super-simple process.

Let us help you fulfill your mission of financial inclusion with our Life Event, Specialty, and Emergency Response Loan programs.

Specialty Loans

Specialty Loans can help your members year-round.

Credit Unions have always provided calendar-based specialty loans for their members. Now you can further drive financial inclusion and use QCash Financials’ relational underwriting to meet all of your member’s needs. Help your members take advantage of things like discounted travel, back-to-school sales, or holiday deals.

You can provide your members access to cash day or night. In under one-minute funds are in their account. Remove the added stress of missing out on great opportunities by helping members spread out expenses over the coming months.

Specialty Loan examples include:

  • Tax relief
  • Vacation
  • Back-to-school
  • Christmas

Help your members save money by borrowing responsibly.

Give your members something special!

Financial First Responder Loans

Be your members ' Financial First Responder.

Disaster can strike at any time causing emotional and financial stress for your members. Natural disasters cannot be stopped, and financial hardships often occur without warning. Yet, as a credit union, you have an opportunity to play a particularly important role in the process of preparation and economic recovery from financial emergencies.

For most members facing a crisis, the first line of defense is financial access. Now in a matter of minutes, you can have a QCash Financial First Responder Loan active to help your members during this time for as long as the crisis exists.

Access to funds is critical to secure personal protection, improve family safety measures, or evacuate when your region faces a crisis, such as:

  • flooding
  • wildfires
  • hurricanes
  • earthquakes
  • tsunamis
  • other natural disasters
  • government shutdowns
  • global pandemic
  • civil discord

Allow First Responder Loans to be your members' financial safety switch when they need it most - anytime, anywhere. Members can purchase the resources they need to navigate their present needs and pay back this affordable loan in a responsible, timely manner.