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Prepaid debit cards

LSC offers prepaid programs that are designed to allow credit unions to compete. Offer members the ability to purchase gift cards and reloadable prepaid debit cards. LSC can help your credit union with establishing, processing, and marketing your prepaid cards.

To keep you and your members safe, LSC’s prepaid programs include industry-leading fraud prevention services that protect members and reduce fraud losses.

The CUMONEY® prepaid debit suite includes:

  • Everyday Spend® - These general purpose reloadable prepaid cards help members budget to achieve their goals.

  • Travel Money® - Instant issue and reloadable, these cards help you expand services to members as they travel worldwide.

  • Gift Cards - Attract and retain new members with a gift alternative usable anywhere in the U.S. Gifts cards are also available virtually. 

Why we like this solution:

  • A low-cost, high-value turnkey service for credit unions to offer to their members
  • Outstanding customer service for you and your members
  • Implementation and marketing support for prepaid debit card programs

Learn more about LSC’s solutions

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about these products and services. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union, and you’ll get access to our exclusive negotiated pricing.